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We Are Videographers.


Video is the most influential way to catch a viewer's attention about your business.

Our team at Chair on Stair Films is here to make your product or service stand out.

Not only do we help others, we are content creators. We write, film, and edit stories. 

These stories are out there to inspire and entertain.  

Let us help you today to make your visions a reality.

You have the idea, let us here at Chair on Stair Films make it happen. 

Chair on Stair Films, where a simple idea can come from anything,

like a chair sitting on a set of stairs.

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"Our Mind is Our Open Light"

Derek Pfister is an award-winning Cinematographer and Editor based in Milwaukee, WI. Creator of Chair on Stair Films. Through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Derek received his Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-TV-Film with a minor in Journalism.


As a filmmaker for twenty years, Derek strives to achieve story through each video and film shoot. Derek's current career as a Video Production Specialist is pushing him to create more emotional and impactful storytelling.   

Film and video is his passion, his mistress, it is what he loves to do. Derek hopes to achieve meaning & passion with his work.

Derek Pfister

Owner | Cinematographer | Film Editor
Milwaukee, WI

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Brendan began working with Derek on videos back in middle school. The videos were generally goofy home made videos or small school projects, but they laid a surprisingly strong foundation for their future.

Through many years together, Derek & Brendan have progressed from these simple roots to making professional documentaries, wedding videos, business promos, and even writing and filming for local creators.

Brendan's job on the team is generally camera crew, script editor, and acting. He does what he can to learn new roles and fill in where needed. Brendan is always looking forward to the next film challenge.

Brendan Adams

Camera Operator | Production Assistant 
Milwaukee, WI

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Ken is a man of many crafts.

His love for acting and photography take him everywhere to inspire and entertain.

Ken officially joined the team as a camera operator in September of 2022, but has worked with the team since 2019 through short films and background work.

Ken approaches every video and film project seriously. Not only does he want to make the best possible product for his clients, but he also wants to improve his own craft through them.


Ken can't wait to work with you and make your visions come to life. 

Ken Williams

Camera Operator
Milwaukee, WI

Chair on Stairs Team headshots-2.JPG


Tylor Huber is a content creator who recently graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in film.


She's done work for a multitude of companies in the Milwaukee area with an emphasis on sport videography and editing. She loves all aspects of content creation but favors post production work the most!


As a newcomer to the industry, Tylor is super excited to work with and learn from the great Milwaukee community!

We are excited to have her on the team as she continues to grow and develop her creative skills.

Tylor Huber

Camera Operator | Editor 
Milwaukee, WI

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